LB LunchBunch

Who's Hungry?

LunchBunch helps you find hungry friends who are ready to eat when you are.

How It Works

No one likes to eat alone.

Ready to eat but don't know who's available? Instead of sending out a mass text message or email, simply open LunchBunch to see who is nearby and hungry right now.

"I already ate."

With LunchBunch, you don't have to worry about messaging people who aren't available. If you know the feeling of waiting for the response that may never come while you think to yourself "How long do I wait?", "Should I ask someone else?", "Should I just eat alone?", worry no more; LunchBunch is here to save the day!

Organizing daily meals is a hassle.

Everyone has to eat, but wouldn't it be nice to know who can make it without scrolling through old messages? Whether organizing a meal with everyone on your floor or simply wanting to find one person who is free during your break, LunchBunch makes finding meal partners a breeze!

Finding people to eat with should be easy.

Using LunchBunch is simple:

  • LunchBunch lets you organize your buddies into bunches.
  • When you are hungry, simply open the app, and let your buddies know.
  • You can create an invitation and send messages to pick a time and location.

Did you just get out of class? Next meeting not for another hour? See who's hungry on LunchBunch!

If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, we would love to hear from you!


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