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About LunchBunch

Our Values.

LunchBunch is a Christ-centered organization built on biblical principles. As such, we strive to honor God in all that we do, act with integrity to deliver our product to our customers, and work to the best of our abilities. We are passionate about our work and take pride in our products.

Our Mission.

LunchBunch solves the problem of not efficiently being able to find people to eat with. Our mission is multi-dimensional:

Our Team.

Meet the developers:

Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman

iOS Developer

After graduating from the University of Delaware in 2015, Matt started working for General Electric as a Software Engineer in their Software Development Leadership Program. In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his fiancée Megan, writing puns, and adventuring.

Ryan O'Dowd

Ryan O'Dowd

President & CEO;
Backend Engineer

Ryan graduated from the University of Delaware in 2014 with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Software Engineering. When he's not working, he enjoys running, whistling, and computer animation.

Brandon Trautmann

Brandon Trautmann

Android Developer

Since graduating from the University of Delaware in 2015, Brandon has taken a full-time position as an Application Developer at JPMorgan Chase. Outside of work and LunchBunch, he enjoys going on dates with his fiancée Abbey and excursions with his friends.

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