LunchBunch Changelogs

A timeline of the features, bug fixes, and updates to LunchBunch.

Android Changelog

0.6.7May 13, 2017

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

0.6.6April 21, 2017

  • Bug fix on signup for new users.

0.6.5March 27, 2017

  • Fixed an evil bug that caused Buddy Requests to not show up on the Buddies Page. If you feel like you might have buddy requests that you can't see, be sure to log out and log back in!

0.6.4March 11, 2017

  • A new way to add buddies! Simply go to your Buddies screen, and click the Add Buddy icon to see the new hotness!
  • Minor bug fixes and UI enhancements

0.6.0September 7, 2016

  • Introducing a totally new way to create an invitation! It's easier than ever. Tap buddies to add them individually, or tap the plus button on a bunch to add the entire bunch!
  • LunchBunch now shows you smarter suggestions based on who's nearby, who's hungry, and who you eat with frequently.
  • Now see a friendly LunchBunch error dialog if something goes wrong, rather than a hard-to-read Toast message.
  • Numerous minor, itty-bitty other fixes. (

0.5.5July 31, 2016

  • Added a pretty sweet tutorial. Already signed up? No worries, just head to Settings and tap Tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Buddy Requests not to show up.
  • Improved performance for the Invitations list.

0.5.4July 17, 2016

  • Have really talkative friends? Now you can turn notifications off for an invitation, and check back in on your own time! Just click the menu inside the invitation!
  • New look for invitations that is more user-friendly
  • Minor bugs squashed (don't worry, no real bugs were harmed in the making of this version)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause app to crash upon resetting invitation time 15, 2016

  • Now you can add buddies right from an invite! Click on the members section, and then just click the plus button next to their RSVP!
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash while entering your security code to add your phone number
  • Minor UI improvements

0.5.2July 11, 2016

  • Introducing multi-device login! Now log into the same LunchBunch account on any of your Android devices.
  • Introducing profile pictures! Click the gear icon and then the grey avatar to upload your first picture! 13, 2016

  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when creating an Invitation
  • Other minor bug squashes.
  • Minor UI enhancements. It looks pretty, doesn't it? ...but doesn't it though? 10, 2016

  • Minor bug fix related to phone-number verification

0.5.0May 9, 2016

  • Introducing suggestions! Instead of broadcasting, LunchBunch gives you suggestions of buddies to grab a bite with! Just switch your hunger and you'll see at least 5 suggestions!
  • Now get your LunchBunch network started quicker with automatic buddies!
  • Other minor bug fixes 12, 2016

  • Minor bug fixes with timed broadcast notifications
  • Changed the RSVP icon in Chat so that the button indicates your current status, not what will happen if you click it. This makes more sense.

0.4.3Mar 30, 2016

  • Fixed a bug that forced you to click twice to exit Add Buddy screen
  • Polished up the Invite chat screen, and told the icons to stay put when you write a long message
  • Fixed a big ol' bug that caused the app to crash if you tried to broadcast to an empty bunch. Also made sure bunches stay alphabetized on the Broadcast screen
  • Put a hint in the Add Buddy Search View
  • Changed the default landing page to better welcome new users
  • Added a notification in Settings to let you know if there's a new LunchBunch version and placed the current version with a link to changelogs at the bottom of Settings
  • Made adding a bunch a little easier with the form now being at the bottom of your Bunches list! 21, 2016

  • Now easier (and prettier) to tell when somebody has locked an invitation
  • Fixed a bug that would cause searching for a buddy by username to return false results
  • Centered the message that notifies you if someone has locked an invitation, it looks purty now
  • Swapped the icons on the broadcast expiration notification. Placing an 'X' with the 'Yep' response is admittedly a little loco on our part

0.4.2Mar 19, 2016

  • Introducing timed broadcast! Keep your LunchBunch integrity by never being "hungry" when you’re really not looking to grab a bite
  • Fixed unresponsive login screen, now smooth as butter
  • See more lines when you're typing a really long message in chat
  • The keyboard no longer hides each time you send a message (thank goodness)
  • Hungry Buddies Send Invite Button no longer says "1 buddies", 'cause that was silly 😊
  • Removed confusing checkbox from change phone number flow
  • Improved deletion of old invitations
  • Unchecking "save my email" no longer remembers email after giving feedback
  • Now easier (and prettier) to tell when somebody has locked an invitation

0.4.1Mar 13, 2016

  • Fixed a bug that would cause invitation times to show up incorrectly in invitations list and chat. That was a nasty sucker.

0.4.0Mar 11, 2016

  • Entirely updated UI! Use the switch to begin your broadcast, and tap on the broadcasting banner after broadcasting to edit your bunch and buddy selection!
  • Now add buddies from your contacts to quickly grow your network
  • More reliable updates on invites when opening the app for the first time in a while
  • Added a button in Settings to rate LunchBunch on the Play Store
  • Screen transitions help with navigation
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented deleted bunches from being removed 6, 2016

  • Now add buddies from your contacts or invite friends to use LunchBunch with the click of a button!
  • Fixed a bug that caused your Invitations not to load right away when logging in.
  • A new settings screen that's more friendly.

0.3.8Dec 29, 2015

  • Broadcasting now looks and feels better!
  • Now lock and hide buddies, giving you better control over who you broadcast to!

0.3.7Dec 27, 2015

  • New and more intuitive interface. Swipe from side to side between screens!
  • Updated icons and actions to better comply with Material Design
  • Multiple bug fixes

0.3.6Nov 18, 2015

  • Notifications now take you where you want to go!
  • Fixed a bug that caused chat text box to break if the message failed
  • Fixed an issue that kept Bunches page from updating when a buddy changed their name

0.3.5Nov 17, 2015

  • Fixed signup issues. Go! Sign up!
  • Added more intuitive feedback when modifying a bunch.
  • Now you can see your username in your profile! Woot!

0.3.4Nov 16, 2015

  • Due to popular demand, added the ability to create an invitation without broadcasting. Use this sparingly... Broadcasting is more fun! :)
  • Slapped a bug that kept the Reset button from resetting time/date when composing an invitation. It fought back, so we then proceeded to squash it.
  • Squashed another bug (the first bug's friend) that caused the hungry buddies list to not update after modifying your broadcast.
  • Fixed some inefficiencies in the signup process.

0.3.3Nov 8, 2015

  • Put a band-aid on a bug that caused new invites to crash the app when opening them.
  • Fixed a bug that merged users' first and last name in the chat screen.

0.3.1Nov 7, 2015

  • Disabled manual crash reports so user wouldn't be bothered if the app crashes.

0.3.0Nov 7, 2015

  • Initial release

iOS Changelog

0.7.1March 27, 2017

  • New messages are now visible when entering the app via push notifications
  • Fixed bug preventing Quick Invite and Edit Bunch buttons from working 100% of the time
  • Fixed a bug that made it easy to send accidental duplicate invitations

What do you like about LunchBunch? Have an idea you'd like to share? Please let us know via Feedback Chat (under Profile)!

0.7.0March 8, 2017

You asked, we listened! There are plenty of new features for you to explore in this update!

  • User profiles: tap on a user in any list to view his or her profile. Some of the things you can do if the user is a buddy:
    • View a bigger version of the profile picture. Because sometimes 40x40 images are just too small...
    • Create a quick invitation. You'll still be able to modify the details, but this user will be preselected as an invitation member.
    • Edit the bunches he or she belongs to. Instead of selecting which members belong to a specific bunch, sometimes it's easier to select which bunches a specific user belongs to. (Think creating music's kind of like that.)
    • Remove the user as a buddy. (We hope you don't have to use this last one...but it's here in case you need it!)
    • If you're hungry, see your buddy's hunger status and relative location. Use the quick-invite button to plan a meal if he or she is hungry and nearby!
    And if the user isn't a buddy, you can send/respond to a buddy request from the profile view.
  • In addition to viewing the hunger/location status of buddies from their profiles, you now will see hungry/nearby icons on buddy cells in your bunches.
  • Want to create an invitation with an entire bunch? Now you can! From the Bunches screen, tap the cog on the bunch you'd like to invite, then tap "Create Invitation".
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from adding buddies. Now everyone can have friends!
  • In-app badge notifications are easier to read, and will show you what's new when tapped.
  • Patched a bug that prevented some messages from displaying after tapping on the message's push notification.

What do you like about LunchBunch? Have an idea you'd like to share? Please let us know via Feedback Chat (under Profile)!

0.6.6February 28, 2017

  • Patched a bug that made long messages run offscreen. Now long message wrap, so you can read the whole thing instead of only part of...
  • Badge notifications show you how many buddy requests and/or unread messages you have. Badges appear on the Home-screen buttons and app icon if there is new content. Tap them to stay in the loop.

What do you like about LunchBunch? Have an idea you'd like to share? Please let us know via Feedback Chat (under Profile)!

0.6.5February 24, 2017

  • Navigate between Bunches, Home, and Invitations with a simple swipe! (Prefer the buttons? Don't worry...they still work.)
  • Wondering when a message was sent? Timestamps are now attached to all messages (in Invitations and in Feedback Chat) for your convenience.
  • Want to use LunchBunch on multiple devices? Now you can! All of your bunches, invitations, and messages will be synced between and iOS, Android, and web sessions you are logged into.
  • It's now easier to see everyone's RSVP on an invitation. Scroll horizontally through the list of members in the invitation or tap on it to open the Who's Going view.
  • Adding buddies just got a ton easier. From the Add-Buddies screen, you can search for others via username or phone number, add suggested buddies (based on how many mutual buddies you have) or other LunchBunchers in your contacts, and invite non-users you know.

What do you like about LunchBunch? Have an idea you'd like to share? Please let us know via Feedback Chat (under Profile)!

0.6.4February 10, 2017

This new update focuses a lot on making the app easier to use. We won't bore you with the details, but error messages are clearer, navigation tools are smoother, and the overall LunchBunch experience is improved. Plus...

  • You now can update your password in Profile (under EDIT).
  • Want to see what's new in updated versions in the future? We've added a link to this page and a tutorial in Profile for your convenience.

If you find any bugs or would like to request a feature, please let us know via Feedback Chat (under Profile)!

0.6.3January 30, 2017

Lots more bug fixes in this release:

  • In-app notifications: New-Invitation notifications are now visible while LunchBunch is open, and tapping on Feedback-Chat push notifications now open Feedback Chat, regardless of which screen is open.
  • You can now update your first/last name in Edit Profile. (Phone-number updates coming soon.)
  • Upload a profile picture from your Photos library or take a new one with your camera.
  • A bunch of other enhancements, like adding instructions on blank screens and making things prettier.

We're working hard on a few more releases with bug fixes, then keep an eye out for new features! If you find any bugs or would like to request a feature, please let us know via Feedback Chat (under Profile)!

0.6.2January 17, 2017

This version patched a few critical bugs that were released in the previous version:

  • Push notifications are back to working as they should be. No more missed invitations!
  • Feedback chat is now functional--we'd love to chat with you about your thoughts on LunchBunch!

Be on the lookout for more updates to increase app stability in the near future. If you find any bugs or would like to request a feature, please let us know via Feedback Chat (under Profile)!

0.6.1December 10, 2016

It's been a while since we've released our last update! Since then we've been working hard on improving the app, like these changes:

  • Profile pictures: Add your profile picture so people can easily see who you are.
  • Top Suggestions: When you're hungry, LunchBunch provides you with a list of buddies who are likely currently available and interested in meeting up!
  • Nearby Buddies: Part of Top Suggestions, this feature uses your location to find hungry buddies near you.
  • Users you may know: Easily find friends who are already using LunchBunch.
  • Feedback: In the Profile page, click on feedback to say hi, let us know what you think of the app, request features, or report bugs.

We're just getting started! We appreciate your support and would love your feedback so we can keep helping you stay connected with your friends.

0.5.0May 8, 2016

  • NEW! Introducing suggestions: Instead of broadcasting, LunchBunch gives you suggestions of buddies to grab a bite with! The suggestions are ranked by the most likely to be available now for food.
  • NEW! Now get your LunchBunch network started quicker with automatic buddies. Just add your phone number and allow LunchBunch to access contacts and we'll do the rest. Becoming buddies has never been easier--for you anyway, we definitely are working hard running around asking everybody if you really know each other, it's exhausting...

0.4.4April 8, 2016

  • NEW! Timed Broadcast is here. This means you'll have greater clarity on who is actually hungry. Only buddies who are actively broadcasting to you will show as hungry, before anyone could broadcast indefinitely. Your broadcast is set for 1 hour, and you'll be asked if you want to continue after that hour, otherwise, the broadcast will automatically stop.
  • Push-notification enhancements: Tapping on a push notification will now take you to the appropriate screen in the app. Additionally, if you are in the app, push notifications will still appear and be tappable too.

0.4.3March 22, 2016

  • Pull to refresh: If you are not confident that you have the latest content, you can pull down to refresh Hungry Buddies, Invitations, and Buddy Requests. However, your content should automagically stay up-to-date without any shenanigans.
  • Fixed: Invitations were not being deleted; they were also being duplicated. Alas, no more.

0.4.2March 10, 2016

  • You can now see which of your contacts are using LunchBunch, useful for growing your network!
  • Bug fixed where push notifications weren't being delivered
  • Major UI updates (as you can see)
    • Use the switch on the home screen to turn on/off your hunger.
    • See your hungry buddies by clicking "Who's Hungry?" when broadcasting and select 1 or more hungry buddies to create an invitation
    • To edit broadcast, tap the red bar that appears after you first broadcast.
  • Added link in profile to rate us on the app store!

0.3.1Dec 10, 2015

  • New Features:
    • Create a new Invitation without Broadcasting -- useful for planning meals when you already know who you want to invite
    • Buddies usernames now included on the Bunches page -- useful for helping your friends make your buddies their buddies too
  • Other:
    • bug fixes
    • user interface improvements

0.3.0Nov 7, 2015

  • Initial release

Web App Changelog

0.6.0September 7, 2016

  • Maps have come to LunchBunch! When creating an invitation, the location field now has an autocomplete dropdown to make finding your invitation location easier.
  • In addition to seeing a map on invite creation, you can now click an existing invitaiton's location to see it on a map. There's even a "Get Directions" button that uses Google Maps to show you how to get there! (For accurate results, ensure your browser allows LunchBunch to use your location.)
  • The feedback chat feature is much more reliable now. We love hearing from you! (Just click on the bullhorn in the bottom right--or top right for mobile users.) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

0.5.1September 2, 2016

  • Minor update, but hopefully you find the changes meaningful! Bunches are now displayed alphabetically, icon layout looks nicer, fixed some links, and invitation times now indicate timezone if location is not provided.
  • Oh, and for those of you who like to send super long messages, you can now send messages with line breaks instead of one giant paragraph!

0.5.0August 1, 2016

  • Wondering why there's such a big jump in version number? This update provides a big jump in awesomeness! Push notifications are now reliable, which means that whether you're chatting with buddies, toggling your hunger, or inviting a bunch to lunch, you can rest assured knowing that messages are being delivered. Which is a lot more convenient than refreshing the page every few minutes...
  • Another reason for the jump in version number is the web app has officially graduated from beta! Thanks to all of our testers, and we're excited to make LunchBunch for web available to all of our users!

0.1.2July 24, 2016

  • Made a few updates for our Firefox friends. Specifically, invitation dates and message timestamps are displayed correctly. And no more "ghost invitations" are created when an invalid date is provided.
  • We're constantly working to make the LunchBunch webiste and web app faster and easier to use. This update includes a few features that should make your experience a little speedier! If you spot anything slow, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do to speed it up for you!

0.1.1July 17, 2016

  • Emoji support! Now send and receive your favorite emojis from the web app!
  • Lots of performance updates. Tons of apps say that, right? But we mean it--there is now a noticeable speed up anytime you take action in LunchBunch. This is an especially big deal for the web app, but the mobile apps are faster now too!
  • You can now send a buddy request via an invitation's invitees list. Not buddies with someone in the invitation? Just click their name to send a buddy request.
  • Thanks to our beta testers, a bunch of bugs were found and fixed for LunchBunchers who use Firefox! Keep the feedback coming--we love making improvements for you!

0.1.0July 10, 2016

  • Initial release
  • If you already have the mobile app, here are a few new things:
    • Do not disturb: not interested in getting notifications for a particular invitation? Do not disturb gives you control!
    • Looking for new buddies? Check out the "users you may know" section in the buddy-requests tab!
    • Top suggestions: in addition to showing you hungry buddies, LunchBunch now suggests buddies based on who's nearby and who you've eaten with in the past.
    • Profile pictures! You can now upload your own profile picture and see your buddies' in your bunches and messages.
    • Have feedback? Chat live with a developer in the new feedback widget!