LunchBunch FAQ

I eat with the same people every day; is LunchBunch useful for me?

Absolutely! Simply organize your regulars into a bunch, and now when you are ready to eat, LunchBunch lets them know with the press of a button and helps to establish a time and location.

I don't have a regular schedule and usually don't know when I'm eating ahead of time; is LunchBunch useful for me?

You betcha! LunchBunch was designed with crazy schedules in mind. When plans are unpredictable, LunchBunch is a life-saver. Creating real-time connections is what LunchBunch does best.

Does this app work for organizing dinner too?

Of course! LunchBunch can be used to schedule any meal. It's called LunchBunch just because it's a catchy name. (At least we think so!)

What is a bunch?

A bunch is a group of buddies. When you are hungry, you can notify your bunches to see who else is available. For more information about bunches, check out this blog post.

What if I don't want to eat with some of my buddies? Do I have to let them know I'm hungry?

LunchBunch is perfect for situations like this; when you are hungry, you control who is privy to that knowledge. If you don't want someone to know you are hungry, 1.) you can select only bunches which he or she is not a member of. 2.) You also have the option to hide a buddy temporarily. Hidden buddies will not be notified that you are hungry, and they will remain hidden for the entire session (until you no longer are hungry). 3.) Lastly, if you would like to make a more-permanent change to your friendship, you may "debuddy" the user to remove him or her from all of your bunches. (But we hope it never comes to that!). For more information about broadcasting, check out this blog post.

What if I want to eat with people in different bunches? Do I need to make a new bunch?

Nope, selecting buddies to broadcast to should be easy. In addition to selecting bunches to broadcast to, you can select individual buddies to add to or remove from the broadcast list. If a buddy is hidden (grayed out), that user will not be broadcast to regardless of which bunches he or she is a member of. On the other hand, if a buddy is locked, that user will be broadcast to even if the bunch(es) he or she is a member of is not selected.

Why can't I see any hungry buddies?

To see a hungry buddy, several conditions need to be met: 1.) You need to be hungry, 2.) your buddy needs to be hungry, 3.) you need to broadcast to at least one bunch that your buddy is a member of (and make sure your buddy isn't hidden!), and 4.) your buddy needs to be broadcasting to at least one bunch that you are a member of. To get the most out of LunchBunch make sure that you are broadcasting to many buddies; the more buddies everyone broadcasts to, the more useful LunchBunch becomes!

Where did my messages go?

Invitations and related messages are deleted after the meal. LunchBunch is a real-time app designed to connect people right now. That is why messages are ephemeral and invitations are removed automatically.

If I add a buddy to an existing inviation, will he or she be able to see previous messages?

Yes. When a user is added to a group, he or she will be able to view all previous activity for that invitation so that everyone is on the same page.

Why can't I modify the invitation?

When a user creates an invitation, he or she has the ability to lock the invitation. If the invitation is locked, then the creator is the only user in the thread who may modify the start time and location. If you create a thread, you may lock or unlock the invitation at any time. For more information about invitations, check out this blog post.

Do I need to enter my phone number to use LunchBunch?

No, providing your phone number is optional, but it is recommended because without it, you can't reset your password if you are locked out of your account. It also helps friends to find you more easily. See this blog post for more information about your phone number.